Day 61, Colter Bay, Wyoming (in the Grand Teton National Park)

65 miles, 2,721 total

Our campground last night – on the Wind River in Dubois

Scenery as we left Dubois this morning.

We had one challenging climb today, over 9,658 ft Togwotee Pass.  As we crested the pass, we were greeted with hail!

Then we had a welcome decent into the Teton Valley . . . and when we rounded one corner the Tetons came into view . . . unbelievable!  The most striking mountains we’ve seen yet.

Pictures can’t capture how awe-inspiring the Tetons are.

Camping tonight on Lake Jackson at the northern end of the Teton range.

Not my photo, but it does a better job of capturing these majestic mountains.



5 comments on “Day 61, Colter Bay, Wyoming (in the Grand Teton National Park)

  1. Great photos. Hope you are going to Yellowstone as well. How could you not, it’s so close.

  2. Hello from North Carolina! We successfully completed our trip on Sat. June 30. Appears your group is doing quite well. The maps you gave us were certainly a great aid for us. We are considering the other half of the route later. If by chance, your friend does not need or want the remaining maps, it would be a great help to us to have them. Doris Winn at 8729 Catamaran Dr. Raleigh, NC 27615 My email address is dhwinn@gmail.com We continue to follow your progress. Lots of luck to you and your entire group.

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