Sisters, Oregon

Easy 38-mile ride into Sisters, Oregon, today (getting me ready for the climb tomorrow to McKenzie Pass).  The stunning Three Sisters peaks, still shrouded with snow, are almost as magnificent as the Tetons.

Two of the Three Sisters peaks as I come into Sisters, Oregon

Riding across the country . . . on just 85 chocolate milkshakes!

Soda fountain in Redmond, Oregon

I’m staying t0night in the Sisters Community Campground.  I met a guy there who is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (Sisters isn’t far from the trail).  Compared to the challenge of hiking, biking isn’t nearly as grueling.

McKenzie Pass won’t look like this tomorrow (although it is closed due to snow from November to July).

Will the pass look like this?


Rafters on the Deschutes River not far from Sisters






5 comments on “Sisters, Oregon

  1. Russ – you look as if you are having fun there – and in the form of your life I would hope. We have reached our furthest point north – Helsinki in Finland after 7,000k exactly. Need a rest now. W

    • Hello Warren and Esther,

      I made it! I’m just back from my wheel dip in the Pacific (a hard half hour pushing my bike over the fluffy sand!). Thanks for your motivation, great advice, and comments. It was because of the two of you that this trip went from a passing fancy to reality.

  2. Hello Russ,

    You are almost there. Wish I had been able to do this half of the trip this summer. The scenery is absolutely awsome. Did you find the steep walls of snow on the pass today? Will your journey end at the “Column” in Astoria, Or? I was there last summer and it is a very steep climb up to the Column but you can see everything from there if it is a clear day. I have been following your blog and am so regretful that I have to wait until next year to complete this segment. What is your adventure for next year? Thinking about you and wishing you much success. This is quite an accomplishment. Not easy but only people who have experienced it can really relate.
    Doris and Bob

    • Hello Doris and Bob,

      Ahhh . . . just did my wheel dip in the Pacific Ocean here in Florence! Wonderful. There wasn’t any snow at McKenzie Pass . . . but what an experience riding down . . . and down . . . and down. Not sure what my next experience is!

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