About Russ/Trip

The purpose of this blog is to pass along information, observations, photos, exploits, reflections, and comments on my cross-country bike trip.

As a way to introduce myself to those who don’t know me,

I retired some 7 years ago after 30 years of teaching, at the high school and 6th grade levels.  I work now, part time, for a company that takes on the hiring process for large corporations.  Primarily, I conduct phone interviews with prospective candidates.

 I very much enjoy the out-of-doors, having done a lot of biking, hiking (sections of the Appalachian Trail), canoeing, fly fishing, and cross-country skiing.  I also do woodworking, play chess, read, perform amateur magic, and collect antique clocks and pocket watches.
Two summers ago, I was involved in getting our local bike club going and we now have over 60 paid members (for a city of 30,000) . . . organizing weekend rides and putting on a tour.
I was able to log in over 3,000 miles last year and went on a number of century tours.
I’m also married with two adult children.

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10 comments on “About Russ/Trip

  1. Oh Russ this is great. I can’t wait until you start talking about your trailer purchase, unless if you decide to use the pannier thing. Keep the information flowing……. Mark H

  2. Have a fun and safe trip and I’ll be checking your blog. Best to you and Tom V. We will miss you guys but look forward to late summer and fall rides together.


  3. Really nice blog! Good luck on your trip. May the wind always be at your back. 🙂

  4. Russ, I saw a comment on here written by someone in Dister, West Virginia. I’ve got to check that out. Had no idea there was a town with my name. Following your blog and enjoying it – have a safe trip.

  5. Have really enjoyed your log. Nice to know that you have not changed in the last 35 years.

    • 35 years? I’m just like I was when I was 12! Maturity is completely overrated. Hope everything’s going well with ya’ll!

      • Russ, I met you in Bardstown, KY – Friend to Franklin. I’ve enjoyed keeping up with all of you through your blog. Thank you for pictures and info. Could you please wish Franklin a Happy Birthday for us tomorrow June 13. I would appreciate it. Keep up the great job of blogging and riding. Linda and Mitch Garrett

  6. Russ, Really enjoying your blogs, your pictures, they make it all come alive.

    Know how you feel about leaving the group, there are lot of pros and cons and you have to do what you fell is right. On balance I prefer to ride at my own pace and do my own thing.

    Please keep the blogs and pictures coming.


    Richard Bosworth, Harrogate, England

  7. Hello Russ,

    I met you in Girard, Kansas (at breakfast one morning since it was raining outside and we were waiting out the showers). I successfully complete my ride on the TA route from the border of Co/Ks to Yorktown, Va. I have been following your experiences through your blog/pictures. The scenery is absolutely awsome and the route seems to be very streinuous. I always enjoy the western terrains most and am looking forward to riding that half of the route next year. Thank you for the maps you gave me. They made the route much easier to follow. Will continue to track your progress. It was very nice meeting you. Enjoy a safe and successful trip.
    Thank you,

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