Finished! The glorious Pacific Ocean!

Rafting on the McKenzie River

Covered bridge over the McKenzie River

The bed and breakfast where I camped in Nimrod, Oregon (right next to the McKenzie River).

My campsite . . . where a lawn chair gave me a view of the river.

More rainfall on the western side of the Cascade Mountains produces a lusher landscape.

Mmmm . . .

Adult salmon at a hatchery . . . where they provide the eggs that are raised to stock the McKenzie River.

Makes you hungry, doesn’t it! Remember, no getting sick.

I rode through Eugene on their very nice bike path . . . and camped 20 miles west of the city.

Not there yet . . . the Siuslaw River as it meanders into the ocean.

Not quite there yet.

Yes!  The official front wheel dunk in the Pacific near Florence, Oregon!!  The 4,000+ mile trip is almost done (I’ll be riding back to Eugene in a day or so to catch the train back to Bowling Green).



I just dipped my front wheel in the Pacific Ocean here in Florence, Oregon . . . done!  (The hardest segment of the trip was the 200 yards to the ocean over fluffy sand.)

Now, to catch up on blog entries.  After staying in the city park in Sisters, I rode up to McKenzie Pass.

First had breakfast in the Sisters Bakery. Delicious!

One of the Sisters peaks

A bit of a climb to McKenzie Pass

On the way up to McKenzie Pass

McKenzie Pass!

For miles and miles at the summit of McKenzie Pass are lava flows from defunct volcanos.

The ride down from McKenzie Pass was spectacular . . . weaving back and forth next to the McKenzie River.

Darn WordPress!  This post has gotten bolloxed up.  To read it as it was entered, you need to go halfway down, read to here and then go to the top.


19 comments on “Finished! The glorious Pacific Ocean!

  1. A terrific ride. Pat yourself on the back. An awesome accomplishment.

  2. Congratulations!! Thanks for a very enjoyable trip – vicariously.

  3. Congratulations on a ride well done! I rode across country with PAC Tour on their Northern Route in 2004. Isn’t it a great feeling?

  4. Dang it….. now what am I going to do…. nothing to look forward to on the computer now….really, really enjoyed following or tagging along on your trip… thanks… back in the 70’s when I rode through much of the same area we only had….. (wait for it)…
    pay phones along the road….. no we did not have square wheels…. but the feeling of you were out there all alone was strong… and cut off from the world yes….
    now we sit on your shoulder and ride along as you go…. much obliged…. have a safe journey home…..

  5. Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment – you should be proud! A great way to see this beautiful country!

  6. Congratulations Russ! Must feel satisfying 😉 I’ve followed many of your blogs but can’t remember how I landed on your site. Thanks for the computer carry…I solo rowed 1600 miles from Albany NY to Arkansas in 7 weeks a few years ago and my laptop was the first “downsize” (day 4). I appreciate the your labor in carrying a computer cross country! 😉 Safe journey back east! I’m two months into recumbent training then on he road for a few months. Best, Al

  7. Congrats Russ! I’m jealous beyond words. Have a safe and fun return trip. See you soon.

  8. well done and a hugh pat on the back . bet your alreadsy ticking over in your mind what next !!

  9. Congratulations, Russ. Now don’t be in a hurry to get back into the real world. It is sometimes hard to do! Enjoy your wonderful accomplishment and you will be thinking about your next self-supported ride very soon! See you next year when my husband and I ride the Northern Tier!

  10. Congrats on your great ride! — and thanks for sharing your trip with us. Most enjoyable!

  11. Russ – greetings from Finland. Well done sir – your life has now changed for ever. I hope you can get others to do the ride now – it is one of the best things that anyone can do in the USA.

  12. This is such an awesome accomplishment. And think about all the people you have met along the way. I have enjoyed being part your readership. . . . . . Are you going to start blogging about making pens, now?

  13. Well done Russ, will miss tagging along on your adventure as well. Will you cut back on the milk shakes?

  14. Congrats Russ! I’ve been following you both on your blog and on the TransAm (by about 3-4 weeks behind) and have loved seeing where you stay and eat. The best tip was free dessert in Goreville, IL. I’ll miss your posts when I continue down the Pacific Coast.


  15. Congrats Russ. Quite an achievement to say the least!

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