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Day 54 Walden, Colorado

61 miles, 2,389 miles Half of today’s ride was as spectacular as yesterday, but once we crested Willow Creek Pass (at 9,683 ft) and coasted down the mountain, suddenly it felt like Kansas again . . . laser straight road and flat terrain!  We could see the mountains off in the distance, but where we […]

Day 53, Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado

75 miles, 2,328 miles So far, if someone asked me which day would be the top for re-riding, it would be today.  The scenery was absolutely spectacular! One of our members, Phil Wolff, had to leave the tour because of a family matter.  We’ve heard his daughter is doing much better and her prognosis is […]

Day 52, Breckenridge, Colorado

22 miles, 2,253 total What a day!  We crested the Continental Divide at Hoosier Pass (elevation, 11,542 ft) and then coasted down to the upscale little town of Breckenridge, Colorado. The real climb for us was the 4 miles up to Hoosier Pass.  It wasn’t as steep as some of the sharp climbs we had back east, […]

Day 51, Fairplay, Colorado

66 miles, 2,231 total Oh what a tough day!  We rode right into the maw of the Rocky Mountains.  

Day 50, Rest Day in Canyon City and campground near Royal Gorge

I took the train this morning through the Royal Gorge.  An amazing experience, with 1,000 foot sheer canyon walls on either side of the train and the rushing Arkansas River next to us.  (Oh how I’d love to fly fish in the river.) You can barely see the Royal Gorge Bridge in this photograph. There […]

Days 49 and 50, Royal Gorge Park, Colorado

52 miles, 2,165 total We now begin to head into the Rockies in earnest.  On Tuesday, we’ll be riding over Hoosier Pass (11,542 ft) But today and tomorrow we’re in Royal Gorge Park.  (Although I’ve elected to spend tonight here in Canyon City to enjoy an air conditioned room and a couple of meals in restaurants.) […]

Day 48, Lake Pueblo State Park, Colorado

56 miles, 2,113 total A good day’s ride!  We were able to ride most of the distance in the morning when it wasn’t so hot and the wind hadn’t kicked up. Early in the day, there was just a hint of mountains, almost looking like haze, but as we rode on they gradually took a […]