Day 62, Grant Village on Yellowstone Lake

37 miles, 2,758 total

As I headed toward Yellowstone, I had beautiful views of the Tetons.

The view over Jackson Lake!

Riding into Yellowstone is so much better than driving in.  At 10 miles an hour there’s plenty of time to look off to the sides of the road or pull off to take a picture (and not have to do it in designated pull-offs).

Here’s a deer I spotted and I’m sure no one else knew he was there!

The Lewis River was amazing . . . how it had cut a hundreds of foot gorge in the Yellowstone wilderness.

Spending the night at the Grant Village campground on Yellowstone Lake.


7 comments on “Day 62, Grant Village on Yellowstone Lake

  1. Looks like you are having a great time but I still want to know if you have any idea when you might be in Lewiston ID. Maybe a little over a week? Looking forward to meeting the crew.

    • Hi David, sorry for not getting back with you. Our route doesn’t go through Lewiston, unfortunately. The closest we come is Lowell and Grangeville (in Lowell on 7/17, Grangeville, 7/18). I’ve left the group so they might be a few days behind me. The leader’s email address is sparsons@adventurecycling.org if you’d like to contact him to hook up with the group. If you’d like to get together with me, please email! Thanks . . .

  2. Russ, it seems the weather gods have been in your favor for most of your days. Great photos. Is the group thing and the cooking assignments working smoothly? You’ll be done in three weeks?

  3. Hey Russ I rode into Missoula yesterday went to ACA Party the food was great I took a rest day. today.I am going west to east.I have been on the the road for 15 days . Maybe I will meet you and your group somewhere on the road.
    be safe

  4. Hope things work out there – I think you will find solo a new world. Very best of luck – you should be so strong now.

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