Mitchell, Oregon

Tough ride today, 15-mile uphill grade to pass. Staying at a nice hostel/hotel. Advertisements

Mt. Vernon, Oregon

90-mile day. Cool temps. Now riding through pine forested mountains. Met Ed and Kathy (Kathy sagging Ed). Top of one pass, Kathy had lawn chairs and cold drinks for us. Ahhh!

Baker City, Oregon

Rest day before final week. Enjoyed local beer at Barley Brown’s Brew Pub, salmon salad. Also took in Miners’ Jubilee festival. It’s got to be all downhill to the Pacific, right?

Halfway, OR

Yes, Oregon! 8 days of riding to go. Rode down into Hell’s Canyon next to the Snake River. Tonight a woman gave a concert here in little Halfway – played dulcimer, penny flute, guitar, harmonica, hammer dulcimer. Camping only $10.

Public library in Council, Idaho

Some photos now that I’m able to upload from my camera here at the Council Library. Little library here in Council still uses a card catalog in wooden drawers . . . no computerized card catalog!  When I asked about this, the librarian said, “if it’s not broke, why fix it.”  Oh my.


Motel where I stayed is in a Stephen King novel. Creepy!

New Meadows, ID, 7/19

Cafe, talked to a woman my age who runs 31-mile ultra-marathons, has also run 44 regular marathons. Her friend is a teacher at local school, graduating class of 14. He’s the band director as well as math teacher.