Prineville, Oregon

Beautiful Oregon

Entertainment in Halfway, Oregon. The woman played the dulcimer, guitar, harmonica, penny flute, as well as reading journal entries from early settlers on the Oregon Trail.

Leaving Halfway, Oregon, population 355.


Met up with Ed and Kathy again (last saw them in Kansas). Kathy sags for Ed, meeting him along his ride. At the top of a tough climb, there she was, with cold drinks for both of us! Ahhhh, what a way to ride.

Oregon scenery . . . always amazing

Had a good night’s sleep at this bike hotel in Mt. Vernon, Oregon.

Leaving Mt. Vernon on my way to Mitchell, Oregon

Once a school?

I wish I knew more about geology to appreciate the amazing landforms.

The power of water to carve out the many canyons.

Coming into Prineville, Oregon

This post got out of order.  What follows should be before what’s above!

Just a 50-mile day, but had a 2,500 ft. climb this morning . . . then a meanering slight downhill though the forest.

More pictures . . .

A spurting waterfall along the way.

Always scenic

My friends on the road move about as fast as I do.

Coming down to the Snake River

Lake Bonneville formed by the Snake River

Lake Bonneville

Oregon . . . the last state!



9 comments on “Prineville, Oregon

  1. Has the effort been worth it for you?

  2. Go Russ! Go!!!! Almost there!!!!!!

  3. Nice posts. I’m enjoying following your trip. Are you still following the ACA maps?

    Kim in Va Beach, VA

  4. Russ, your fresh batch of pictures and captions are inspiring. Please keep it up even as you pedal towards the close of your great adventure.

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