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Riggins, Idaho

Spent last night in Riggins, ID.  Beautiful ride into Riggins along the Salmon River, in the second deepest canyon in the U.S.  The road wound among towering mountains next to the surging river.

Last night, as night was setting in in Riggins, I thought I’d save a little money . . . and snuck behind a church to pitch my tent.  To cool off, I left my rain fly open . . . very comfortable.  But at around midnight, suddenly, ZIP, ZIP, ZIP . . . and the church’s sprinkler system came on and started zipping water in my tent.  Always patient, I uttered a few Biblical words and frantically tried to zip up the rain fly.  I sopped up what water got in the tent and managed to get back to sleep.

I’m sending this from the nicest little lodge . . . Little Salmon Lodge in tiny Pollock, Idaho.  The lodge is perched on the gushing water of the Little Salmon River.

On to Council, Idaho!


One comment on “Riggins, Idaho

  1. That’s my laugh for the day. I’ve experienced the exact same thing. The area sounds fantastic. Enjoy every minute!

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