Day 67, Jackson, Montana (population 38!)

50 miles, 3,006 total

A challenging day today as the route crossed two passes, Badger Pass at 6,760 ft. and Big Hole Pass at 7,360 ft.  Cranking along in my lowest gear, 4 to 5 miles grade for each of the passes.  Still, beautiful scenery!

Coming up on the summit of the first pass.

One very pleasant part of the day was when I sailed down the first mountain . . . and came to Grasshopper Creek.  There was a little 2-ft stream feeding into the creek with rushing water . . . so I scooted down, took my shoes and socks off and soaked my feet and legs in the cold, cold water.  After 15 minutes of this an otter suddenly appeared, oblivious to me, and was about to enter the water 5 feet from me.  Once he (she?) saw me, he disappeared with a flip of the water.


Even though Jackson has a population of 38, there’s a very nice lodge located here.  The lodge is located on a hot springs and has a hot springs pool for patrons.  (The hot springs were mentioned in notes kept by Lewis and Clark.)

Looking around the lodge, there are mounted animals of all sizes and description.

A ranchers’ hangout!

They have camping behind the resort and that’s where I’ll be spending the night!  A 75-mile day tomorrow with just one pass to traverse.


8 comments on “Day 67, Jackson, Montana (population 38!)

  1. We loved this place. We will be off trail visiting fmly til Sunday. Maybe we’ll be in the same area by then!! Hope to see you!

  2. I know you are still working on this year’s goal, but if you are up for doing this again next summer by motorcycle, I’m in.

  3. Are you meeting any riders coming the other direction?

  4. When my wife and I passed thru Jackson we camped out back . The weather was around 95’F very hot.. The bathroom for campers had a heater run off the hot springs water that could not be shut off . The heat from the radiator made going to the bathroom an ordeal. Lots and lots of dead animals on the wall eh ??
    such a shame, pitty there are no hunters heads up there.

    • Not so hot outside, thank goodness, but I couldn’t get any moderate water in the shower or bathroom. It was the mosquitoes that got to me . . . I was attacked! I didn’t notice any animal heads in the lodge . . . were there any? ;-/

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