Day 66, Dillon, Montana

72 miles, 2,956 total

Breaking camp in Ennis (next to the Madison River).

A brutal start to the day out of Ennis, with a 6-mile climb of 2,000 ft.  Just craning my neck looking up, up, up, the road seemed to end above the clouds.  I was in my lowest gear and huffing and puffing at 2 miles an hour.

Finally, after riding over the summit, I came to Virginia City, a restored western town (at one time was the capital of what was then the Idaho Territory with 10,000 residents).  After the mining boom ended, it became a ghost town until Charles and Sue Bovey began buying the town in the 1950s.  Now it’s a thriving tourist town (but only between Memorial and Labor Day) and is a National Historic Landmark operated as an open air museum. Of the nearly three hundred structures in town, almost half were built prior to 1900.

Getting ready for much-deserved ice cream!

Enjoying a milk shake made from ice cream churned in the restaurant.

Descending into a wide valley the rest of the day made for a pleasant and scenic ride.

Spending tonight in a motel!  I’m glad I was able to visit the laundromat to wash my biking clothes.



4 comments on “Day 66, Dillon, Montana

  1. Russ, For me and the other blog followers who don’t know you as wel, l could you
    please explain how you became a connoisseur of Milk Shakes?? Inquiring minds
    want to know!!

  2. Not sure why my commends are not showing, but this is a great adventure. Look forward to your daily posts.

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