Day 65, Ennis, Montana

72 miles, 2,880 total (although I think this is a little shy of the actual total miles)

I’m entering this post in front of the Ennis library where there’s WiFi 24/7.  I’m using a real estate brochure for a mouse pad and happened across a little home that would make a perfect vacation get-away.

Just $1 million, with a 550 bottle, temperature-controlled, walk-in wine vault, and located on the Madison River. A little small, though, at a cramped 2,500 sq. ft.

Today’s ride was next to the Madison River for the entire 72 miles.  The river is a world-renowned trout-fishing paradise and I saw fishermen wading and floating the river all day long.  The river leaves West Yellowstone and once it enters the canyon above Earthquake Lake, it is a turbulent, violent river, coursing among towering mountains.  After leaving the canyon and entering the placid valley, it spreads out and meanders at a slower pace.

Views from today’s ride:

One of many fishermen in the Madison River.

One of the most interesting stops along the way was at the visitors’ center for Earthquake Lake.  This lake was formed by a 1959 earthquake — the strongest recorded to date in the U.S. — that caused the side of a mountain to collapse into the valley where the Madison River ran.  Twenty-eight people died (campgrounds were filled that night) and the blockage of the river formed the huge Earthquake Lake.

Click here for more details!

Today was a pretty flat ride, but tomorrow, to Dillon, will be a bit more challenging!  One stop along the way will be Virginia City, at one time a town of 10,000 inhabitants, but now a tourist attraction where over 300 structures bring the old west to life (over half the structures were built prior to 1900).

Sleeping tonight in a small campground next to the Madison River!


2 comments on “Day 65, Ennis, Montana

  1. Russ, let me check my cash and I’ll get back to you on that ranch for sale. I have good memories of the ride along the Madison…mostly because we were not fighting that 20-30 mph headwind and we were looking at the cooling effects of water vs dry sage brush which is where you are heading. KOA at Dillion is good.
    When we stayed at the USFS camp next to a creek leading to the Madison a large tree blew over in a 40 mph gust and onto the table at site #9..the site Alex wanted to stay at, but we chose #10 instead and were sitting at #10 when it blew over 30 minutes after we considered #9. wow.

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