Days 55 & 56, Saratoga and Rawlins, Wyoming

Day 55 – to Saratoga, Wyoming, 67 miles, 2,456 total

A two-day post!  We’ve now entered another state — Wyoming.

Our ride to Saratoga was a pleasant one . . . and we enjoyed the wide-open vistas of this part of the country.

We spent the night in the Sand and Sage Motel — at one point three deer wondered into the parking lot.  It is definitely the rural west!

Day 56 – to Rawlins, Wyoming, 42 miles, 2,498 total

Southern Wyoming scenery

A nice short day.  What made the day a little challenging was riding 17 miles on Interstate 80 (unavoidable).  Even though the shoulder was wide, we had to dodge truck tire shards the whole way . . . and I ended up getting a flat tire.

Mark and I ate at a very good Mexican restaurant in Sinclair, Wyoming, partway along on our ride.

A chocolate milk shake was my reward when I arrived here in Rawlins.

We met Elizabeth at our campground, who is riding across the country and has just finished a two-year engagement with the Peace Corp in Thailand.


2 comments on “Days 55 & 56, Saratoga and Rawlins, Wyoming

  1. Russ, Alex should be between Lander and Ralwins today Monday July 2.

    I am home in NY today..my own bed last night.

    • Hi Jim,

      Alex and my paths crossed yesterday on a remote section of the route. Stopped and caught up with his adventures. (My gosh, but his back tire was holding together with a prayer.) Will you be joining the route again as you had planned?

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