Day 53, Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado

75 miles, 2,328 miles

So far, if someone asked me which day would be the top for re-riding, it would be today.  The scenery was absolutely spectacular!

First, a nourishing breakfast at our bed and breakfast in Breckenridge.

On the rest day in Breckenridge, I happened on a rehearsal of a youth orchestra. Powerful music!

Fly fisherman in the Colorado River next to the road.

Views like this all day long.

Our group on the way.


The day’s views had everything.

A canyon we rode through (train track on our left).

Cliffs on either side of us.

Our reward for the day was soaking in the sulphur springs at the Hot Springs Resort.

One of our members, Phil Wolff, had to leave the tour because of a family matter.  We’ve heard his daughter is doing much better and her prognosis is far, far better than he had feared.  It looks like she’s going to be fine.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Wolff family.  Phil, we’re going to miss you.


2 comments on “Day 53, Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado

  1. I remember this day from my 2010 trip. I certainly was spectacular, but there are many more days like this to come.

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