Day 52, Breckenridge, Colorado

22 miles, 2,253 total

What a day!  We crested the Continental Divide at Hoosier Pass (elevation, 11,542 ft) and then coasted down to the upscale little town of Breckenridge, Colorado.

The real climb for us was the 4 miles up to Hoosier Pass.  It wasn’t as steep as some of the sharp climbs we had back east, but it was alllll up hill (up mountain?).

Some of the 14,000+ Colorado peaks.


Climbing, climbing, climbing

We finally made it!!

The town of Breckenridge (more popular in the winter than summer).

Winter in Breckenridge!

We have a layover day tomorrow here in Breckenridge.

Massage scheduled tomorrow morning!


2 comments on “Day 52, Breckenridge, Colorado

  1. No hills like that in Ohio. Bet the guys are loving it. I bet you are also enjoying the higher elevation temps.

  2. Great town for a layover! Try the Breckenridge Brewery Avalanche ale.

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