Day 50, Rest Day in Canyon City and campground near Royal Gorge

I took the train this morning through the Royal Gorge.  An amazing experience, with 1,000 foot sheer canyon walls on either side of the train and the rushing Arkansas River next to us.  (Oh how I’d love to fly fish in the river.)

You can barely see the Royal Gorge Bridge in this photograph.

There were loads of rafts making their way down the river next to us.

Taken last night at the Canyon River Festival with people enjoying the Arkansas River.

My family will laugh at this.  I’m a shaved ice addict!

I forgot to post this several days ago.  The owners of the Hotel Ordway where presented with this certificate for their participation in the first cross-country tour (Bikecentenial, in 1976) that has now become the TransAmerica route.  The 1976 event drew over 4,000 bicyclists.  (I’ve noted with the dot where we’ll be staying tomorrow, Fairplay, Colorado.)

I did want to add this photo to say thanks again for the hospitality of the nice women in Tribune, Kansas.  Thanks especially to Bertha and Jennifer!


4 comments on “Day 50, Rest Day in Canyon City and campground near Royal Gorge

  1. You guys be careful on the west or back side of Hoosier…. lots of switchbacks… the east side does not have any that I remember, just a long haul up to the top…. Jt

  2. I’ve just been enjoying your blog. Here I am on a motorcycle complaining about today’s 111 degrees. You are a tough guy

    • Mark!

      There are times when we’re grinding away on a steep ascent and motorcycles zip past us and I wish I could be on one. At least you get to create your own wind. Tomorrow we go over Hoosier Pass, which will be the highest point of our trip (11,000+ ft.).

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