Day 48, Lake Pueblo State Park, Colorado

56 miles, 2,113 total

A good day’s ride!  We were able to ride most of the distance in the morning when it wasn’t so hot and the wind hadn’t kicked up.

Early in the day, there was just a hint of mountains, almost looking like haze, but as we rode on they gradually took a more definitive silhouette.

We camped on Pueblo Lake, a huge lake formed by the damming of the Arkansas River.  (We’ve ridden over, next to, and through the valley of the Arkansas River on many days of our trip.  Several times, crossing it, there was no water at all in the river.)  Tomorrow the campsite will be near Royal Gorge, the site of the highest suspension bridge which crosses the Arkansas River.


3 comments on “Day 48, Lake Pueblo State Park, Colorado

  1. You are going to love Royal Gorge.

    • Hi Jack! I rode the train this morning from Canyon City into the gorge. Amazing! It made me wish I had my fly rod, with so much great-looking Arkansas River churning next to us. Unfortunately, the campground Adventure Cycling has us staying in is an over 10 mile round trip from gorge. With a 60+ mile day tomorrow no one wanted to ride to the gorge. I’ll have to remember it from my train excursion this morning!

      Where are you now? Biking?

      – Russ

      • Hey Russ: The next time I visit the Gorge, I plan to go the Whitewater Rafting route. The company to the west of the Gorge are really great people.
        I have some family events delaying me this summer. My son’s wedding for one. Hope to get on the trail by August.
        I bet you can’t wait to get to higher altitudes. This heat is a killer.
        I’m following you every step of the way, and so envious. Keep the wind to your back.

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