Day 47, Ordway, Colorado

61 miles, 2,057 total (although I think my total calculation has been progressively off somewhat)

Spending tonight in the Ordway Hotel. The hotel has been run continuously as a hotel for 103 years. The folks who run it are great . . . and the rooms are modern and very nice!

We’re now starting to leave the flat prairies.  Tomorrow, as we head into Pueblo, will give us a change of scenery.

Pueblo will be a culture shock for us . . . a city of 100,000 people.

Before dinner tonight a couple of us went to the local tavern here in Ordway.  The rather ample, no-nonsense bar maid, explained the Colorado beverage to us . . . tomato juice mixed with beer (or, for the more sophisticated palate, Clamato juice and beer).  She demonstrated her favorite drink . . . a shot glass of peach schnapps floated in a slightly larger glass filled with Red Bull.  Down the hatch!  Ahhhh!

Psst, this just for “L” . . . a beautiful sunset this evening . . . couldn’t help but think of the one you described to me.  Thanks for all the good vibes along the way!


5 comments on “Day 47, Ordway, Colorado

  1. Hey there Russ! A lot of us have been following along every day! I’ve spoken to several at the office! Stay healthy, and be careful on the roads; can’t believe you’re in Colorado? Can you!!?? I guess you won’t need a stress test this year! Sincerely, Your Doc.

    • Hello Ken! Yes, it’s hard to believe we’re in Colorado. The time really has gone by fast (although some days seem to last forever!). What’s amazing is that we’re right at about the half-way point, mileage and time-wise. We’re angling up now, northwest to Montana.

  2. How are your feet Russ? – That is a hot route you are on there – we would be hopeless . Still managing to blog – but can you find the energy to shave – a good sign if you can. W

    • Hello Warren and Esther! My feet only start to bother me on especially long days (70 miles or longer). We’re just entering the Rockies now . . . today it was over 100 and the dry air at 5,000 feet is brutal. Drinking lots of water!

  3. My gosh? Is it winter already in Ordway? I’m enjoying reading about your trip. Thanks for sharing.

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