Days 43 & 44, Scott City, Kansas

56 miles, 1,893 total

Ahhhh!  A layover day!  The day heated up quickly today, peaking at around 95 degrees.

Not much to be found in Scott City.  We did locate a Dairy Queen where I had two milk shakes.  Tomorrow will be a day to relax and possibly a visit to the city swimming pool.

On Tuesday we head to Tribune, Kansas, and then on Wednesday we’ll be in Colorado.

Kansas scenery!

George Washington Carver

We came to a roadside marker indicating George Washington Carver once lived on the spot here in Kansas.

Carver’s prolific inventive career resulted in hundreds of products derived from sweet potatoes and peanuts.   He graduated from high school, went on to college, and finally received his Master’s Degree.  He taught for 47 years at the Tuskegee Institute.  At a time when most African Americans were forbidden from attending school, his achievements are amazing.


6 comments on “Days 43 & 44, Scott City, Kansas

  1. Great job on the blog. Have you been enjoying the pools in the towns across Kansas? I did this trip in 1984, and we had a ball teaching funny dives (and getting taught funny dives) to and from the locals. “Wow! Half twist into a suicide!” Thanks for drumming up lots of good memories! Stay safe.

    • Dave, the pools have been great. Some of the showers in the pools with only cold water have been a bit, well, bracing . . . but we do appreciate being able to soak in the swimming pools.

  2. Are you seeing many historical markers on your route? I always want to stop and read! Kind of hard from a car, but easy for y’all!

  3. 2 milkshakes 🙂 geez! Hope u make it to the pool, its been in the 90s back here too! Be safe!

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