Day 37, Chanute, Kansas

58 miles, 1,530 total

Great riding day today.  Flat Kansas terrain, a little tailwind, and not too warm.  We had just a little rain this morning as we were riding but it was more refreshing than uncomfortable.

Stopped at a farmhouse for water . . . man, but she looked familiar.

Notice at one of the little stores where we stopped . . . any guesses as to what “mountain oysters” are?

In Chanute, an authentic little ice cream parlor. Coke is made by squirting a little syrup in the glass, adding ice, and then filling with soda water. Delicious!

Lots of memorabilia.

Where are we?

How far we’ve come.

How far we have to go.



4 comments on “Day 37, Chanute, Kansas

  1. I see by your map that Lewiston, ID is on the route. Any idea when you may get up this way. Love to meet the whole crew.

  2. Yes, I know what mountain oysters are and “nuts” perfectly describes them! Thanks for the map. Looks like those “mountains” of VA were getting you prepared for later on! Safe travels and thanks again for posting – so fun.

    • Hi Russ, Thank you for your wonderful blog with pictures and information. I met you in Bardstown, KY. My husband and I came from Louisville to visit with Franklin. TomorrowJune,13 is Franklin’s birthday. Would you please wish him a happy birthday from KY. Thank you and happy trails. Looks like a great trip.
      Mitch and Linda Garrett

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