Days 35 & 36, Pittsburg, Kansas

67 miles, 1,472 total miles

Another state!  Plus a rest day.

Kansas, our 5th state!

There have been so many not-to-be-missed little diners along the route.

Over 15 different kinds of home-made pies on their menu.

Harry’s, where we ate breakfast this morning

Refueling — Steve, our leader, had 2 eggs over easy, bacon, home fries, home-made toast, full order of biscuits and gravy, and French toast. He thinks this may tide him over until lunch.

We’ve enjoyed meeting some of the local good ‘ol boys.

A great swimming pool here in Pittsburg, complete with a lazy river . . . free to cross-country bikers.

Tour Member Bio

Steve Parsons, our leader

The 10th member of our group is Steve Parson, our Adventure Cycling leader.  Steve is 23, from Owego, New York.

Rather than a listing of facts, etc., on Steve, we’re going to present a list of characteristics, background, future plans, etc., and ask that you choose which one in each numbered set is true.  Valuable prize to the winner!

1.  Steve graduated from Penn State in

a.  Accounting
b.  Investment Banking
c.  Golf Course Architecture
d.  Outdoor Recreation

2.  Steve’s future career plan is to

a.  work for the Ski Patrol at a ski resort
b.  become a model on the cover of Harlequin romance novels
c.  become a junior high school teacher
d.  join the ranks of a prestigious law firm

3.  Steve is an ardent vegan.

a.  True
b.  False

4.  Steve is most proud of

a.  being able to do what he loves.
b.  winning the junior New York Golf Championship as a freshman in high school.
c.  appearing on the Grand Ole Opry.

5.  Steve

a.  co-led another cross-country bike trip.
b.  enjoys winter hiking and has hiked the highest peaks in New York (principally in the winter).
c.  shoots and eats much of the meat he eats.
d.  does not wear shoes when he bikes.

Okay, leave a comment with your guesses about Steve!

We’ve all come to appreciate Steve’s guidance and assistance on our trip across the country.  It’s so nice to have arrangements made for lodging each night.  Tips, pointers, and warnings about the day’s ride are also much appreciated.




10 comments on “Days 35 & 36, Pittsburg, Kansas

  1. Love your blog. This was a hard quiz, all answers are B, except #5, because he hiked the high peaks in winter barefoot.

  2. I’ve been following you guys on your Great Cross-Country Tour. It appears the heat is starting to roll in. Good luck and cool breezes.

  3. Russ, I’ve been enjoying your blog from Day #1. Luckily one of the answers was covered previously many days back. Anyway, #1 = C, #2 = B, #3 = B (Bacon for Breakfast), #4 = B (Sticking with the golf theme), #5 = D (Saw him in a picture earlier
    in the blog and Steve had no shoes on.) Anyway, I graduated from Penn State in
    1984 with BS-EE and my daughter just graduated PSU with BS-Aerospace. We will be
    near Frisco, Co the weekend of 6/23 – 24th. From my calculations of other cross
    country groups I think there is half a chance that our paths may cross. I’ll keep
    following your blog! You can give me my prize then!! Best Regards, Don Wingate
    1984 Penn State Grad. Allentown, Pa.

  4. All a’s except b for No. 3. .. .very entertaining blog, Mr. Frye!!!

  5. 1. d 2.c 3. b 4.a 5. a………. Hey was Cooky’s in Golden City?? I rode parts of the
    Trans Am through this area in 76 and have had much fun following your trip so far…

    • Hi Jim, yes Cooky’s was in Golden City. What a great restaurant with all those home-made pies. They even had three different kinds of pecan pie. These little cafes, restaurants, etc., have been highlights of the trip.

      • Oh Wow….. I was headed east and got there just as they were pulling the pies out… so many pies….. it was really hard to just choose one or only eat one….BTW for the next few days you will have easterly winds to blow you across KS..enjoy because it is really unusual….

  6. Russ, I am enjoying your blog!!! Thanks for doing it!

  7. Really enjoying the blog along with pictures.
    Quiz- 1D, 2A, 3B, 4A, 5A.

  8. tell steve he need to get a haircut and clean up his act .this from charlie in endicott who know him when he was a little kid. enjoy

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