Day 34, Ash Grove, Missouri

46 miles, 1,405 total

Our last day in the Show Me State.  We’ll be heading into the land of Dorothy and Toto tomorrow.

Mark and Phil

We were NOT out of the hills yet!

Shelters, where we typically prepare our meals

Great name for a restaurant

Kathy and Ed

I met Kathy and Ed at McDonalds.  Ed is also riding the TransAm route across the country.  Kathy is providing support for Ed, driving along and meeting him several times a day.  Ed has also through-hiked the Appalachian Trail.

Tour Member Bio

Larry Schmitt

Larry, 64, is from Blue River, WI.  Larry is retired from the Wisconsin DNR (forester/ranger) and the U.S. Army Reserve (last assignment was teaching military history at Marquette University).  Larry is also a pastoral associate and is studying to be a deacon with the Catholic Church.  Hobbies include tree farming (he lives on 130 acres), biking, reading, and hunting.

Larry rides a Co-Motion bike, a hand-made bike made in Eugene, OR.



2 comments on “Day 34, Ash Grove, Missouri

  1. The guys with the big bucks ride Co-Motion , I would ride one if I could afford it. Then I would have to worry about someone stealing it.We had a guy on the southern tier in 2010 had his bike stolen in Arizona. So don’t forget to lock-um up guys.

    • Fred, I just passed along your warning about having a bike stolen. We try to lock up the bikes, but sometimes we are probably more trusting than we should be.

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