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Day 34, Marshfield, Missouri

63 miles, 1,422 total

Another gorgeous day riding through the rolling hills of western Missouri.

Hot political news . . .

It’s always interesting to stop in at the many convenience stores, cafes, etc.  Two from our group stopped in at a feed store for a cold drink and happened to comment on the number of candidates running for county sheriff.

Oh my, but did that rouse the good ol’ boys.  It seems a Melissa Dunn has tossed in her hat for this position . . .  according to feed store guys, she’s, well, the only lesbian on the ticket (actually he couldn’t bring himself to use the “L” word and said “she likes the same sex”).  Just this raises the eyebrows of the conservative Missourians, but what makes the story more interesting is that Melissa “stole” the UPS driver’s wife from him.  Naturally, Mr. UPS was a little miffed and defaced some of Melissa’s campaign signs.

Melissa works at the county courthouse and when she found out her partner’s former husband was hindering her campaign, she banned him from the courthouse.  Now the poor UPS driver has lost his wife and can’t make deliveries at the county building!

You see what you can learn at the local feed store . . .

Tour Member Bio

I was remiss yesterday with Mark’s bio.  Mark is known as Spartacus for his amazing power on the mountainous terrain we’ve faced so far.

Phil Wolf

We’re pleased to introduce Phil Wolf to our blog followers.

Phil Wolf

Phil, whose road name is Mark Renshaw (an endurance track cyclist and very successful Olympic athlete) is 64 and hails from India, California.  Before retiring, Phil managed an engineering group with Pacific Bell.  He enjoys biking, softball, and reading.  Phil is also Mark’s domestique.  (A domestique is a road bicycle racer who works for the benefit of his team and leader.)


One comment on “Day 34, Marshfield, Missouri

  1. WOW! The politics of small town Missouri! Great story and it gave me a laugh. Have a great weekend of riding.

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