Day 33, Houston, Missouri

43 miles, 1,359 total miles

A wonderful day!  After a stop at Alley Spring (click for more views), we had rolling hills and a helping tailwind.

Alley Spring, most photographed spot in Missouri

Millions of gallons of clear water gush from the spring each day

Perfect riding today. Beautiful views.

Weaving roads

Popular canoeing river

Tour Member Bio

Mark Stogstill

Rounding out our British contingent is Mark Stogstill from Yateley, Hampshire, UK.  Mark, age 54, served in the U.S. Air Force and has also worked in the aviation industry in Englad, most recently as a project manager at Heathrow Airport.  He brings the best of both the U.S. culture and British culture to our motley band.

Mark enjoys biking, reading (particularly history), movies, and is one of our gourmands. He’s a superb cook and takes pleasure in the cooking talents of others.


2 comments on “Day 33, Houston, Missouri

  1. Absolutely amazing. You rode through my hometown as I grew up in Summersville, lived in Houston after graduating high school and now live in Springfield, MO. I remember, as a kid, seeing cyclists coming through town and wondering where they were from and where they were going. Really enjoy reading about your trip and all the beautiful pictures. Good Luck on the rest of your journey. Safe biking 🙂

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