Day 29, Farmington, Missouri

50 miles, 1,271 total miles

Russ and Tom before we cross the Mississippi

With a police escort, we crossed over the Mississippi River into Missouri.

The Show-Me State

The first 5 miles in Missouri were flat, flat, flat . . . and then we started climbing into the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, where we’ll be riding the rest of the way across the state.

Missouri highway

Gimme some a dem hills!

The hills make us earn our miles

Our route today took us past several wineries and one brewery.

The ultimate refreshment!

We’ve had relatively few incidents with dogs.  What’s been a bigger problem has been chickens.  Phil and Mark, riding along enjoying the scenery, were suddenly and violently chased by a rooster. Only through the diversionary riding tactics of these two experienced cyclists were they saved from a serious road mishap.

Don’t be fooled, this rooster is just lying in wait for an unsuspecting biker!

Tour Member Bio

Aonne Kerkstra

Aonne Kerkstra, age 65, is from Delft, Holland.  He’s a retired high school science teacher and former university lecturer.  Previous long-distance riding has been in New Zealand, the North Sea Cycle Route, and other extensive tours throughout Europe.  Aonne’s hobbies include biking and speed skating in the winter.

Aonne is known on the roads as Joop Zoetemelk.  Joop is one of the most successful Tour riders of all time.  In 18 years as a professional, Zoetemelk won the Tour de France in 1980, and the Vuelta a España in 1979. He came second in the Tour de France six times.  Joop is also from Holland.

Aonne is also keeping a blog:  http://kerkstra.waarbenjij.nu/

Check out one of the tours he done:  http://www.northsea-cycle.com/


7 comments on “Day 29, Farmington, Missouri

  1. Curious as to what grand and types of bikes that the other riders are riding? Tom is the sole ‘bent rider and you have a LHT. Did anyone buy a new bike for this trip? Love to see some bike photos all loaded up with gear.

  2. Russ,
    Love the daily blogs. How are you set up to send out the blogs and pictures? Smartphone, computer? Trying to figure out how to best communicate for my ride next year. Thanks
    “Tailend Charlie”

  3. Is Steven riding his bike barefoot as well?

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