Day 26, Carbondale, Illinois

54 miles, 1171 total miles

Ahhhh, a layover day!

We spend this evening and tomorrow in the city of Carbondale, population 20,681, and the home of Southern Illinois University.

Southern Illinois University

A very nice ride today . . . always beautiful scenery.

Our first stop, 20 miles into the route, was Delanie’s Cafe, where bikers are served either a milk shake, slice of homemade pie, or strawberry shortcake free of charge.

Delanie’s Cafe

It’s places like this that make the small towns so interesting.  A no-nonsense Margaret catches us at the door as we arrive and with a nod of her head says, “anywhere you’d like and I’ll be right along.”  As she heads back to get menus, a weathered local says to her, “any chance of getting a coffee re-fill?”  Without missing a beat, she shoots back, “Fred, you’re lucky we serve you at all.”  She’s quick to fill up his coffee cup . . . and they trade a bit of conversation that shows the banter is based on the affection so common among small town residents.

A turtle soon to be rescued

Aonne is given a McDonalds bib by Phil.

Beautiful views

A new blog feature — biographies of our tour participants.  Every few days we’ll introduce a new rider.

Tom Vanden Eynden

Tom, 63, also lives in Bowling Green and is retired from the Lucas County Waste Water Treatment Facility.  Tom has already done a cross-country bike ride (the Southern Tier).  His hobbies include working with stained glass and biking.  He and his wife Jane are frequent train travelers.  Tom is unique in our group, as he is riding a recumbent bike with a Bob trailer.


5 comments on “Day 26, Carbondale, Illinois

  1. I enjoyed catching up with your blog today. I think it is great that you are doing some bios on the guys in your group! Say hi to Franklin for me. Tell him that I never saw Dave at the Horsey 100, but we did talk on the phone! It was REALLY hot, as it was for you in Kentucky this past weekend. Safe travels to all of you. Ask Nick what happened to his blog!!! ;-0

  2. R – Now you are starting to sound like you enjoy it. Your legs will scream on a day off and climbing stairs will be terrible. Already I hope you see how a coast to coast ride changes your view of your country – small towns with great people. Kepp up the great work on the blog! W

    • This ride is your fault! You were one of the primary motivators for my doing this ride (but I’m loving it). Hope your ride is living up to your expectations.

  3. I really enjoy hearing about fellow riders.

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