Day 25, Dixon Springs State Park

47 miles, 1117 total miles

We crossed the Ohio River today into southern Illinois.  Most of us took the free ferry across the river . . . but Steve, our leader, and Nick, our triathlete, decided to swim across (about a half mile).

Free ferry across the Ohio River into Illinois

Steve and Nick had to walk way upstream to account for the river current

Almost across

Waiting for our amphibious bikers

Leaving Kentucky and entering the Land of Lincoln



4 comments on “Day 25, Dixon Springs State Park

  1. Wow! What an entrance into Illinois! And exit from Kentucky! – David R. Smith, Hindman

  2. wow, how awesome to swim across the Ohio! doesn’t look very wide there. and a free ferry? I didn’t think any thing was free any more! like an earlier friend said, it’s been great following you and how nice of you to post every day after a long day’s ride. it will be a wonderful memory bank for you and your family as well.

    • The states of Kentucky and Illinois jointly provide the ferry. The Ohio is about a half mile wide here . . . certainly a longer swim than I could handle. I pick up my Kindle at the post office today. I’m about halfway done with Charlie Wilson’s War and will need evening reading material before too long.

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