Day 24, Marion, Kentucky

70 mile day, 1,070 total miles.

Brutal heat again today . . . with sweltering temperatures hovering close to 100 degrees.  We also had long, LONG hills, one after another . . . inching up one side, and flying down the other (but only going up the next hill about 20% of its height).

What made the day tougher was that there were almost no stores, gas stations, cafes, etc., open because it was Memorial Day.  At one point in the route, I just stopped at a house and asked for cold water.  They couldn’t have been nicer, giving me cold bottled water!

Since I was in charge of cooking, I immediately suggested going out to dinner.  We had tasty fare at the Marion Cafe (excellent homemade pies).


6 comments on “Day 24, Marion, Kentucky

  1. Russ, I have really enjoyed following your trip via your blog. I fly to Denver Wed. AM, arrive at 10 AM, Brandon and their two dogs will pick me up at DEN. We will then begin our 2000 mile trip to Wilmington, NC. Need to arrive by 3:00 PM Friday to pick up Rachel and Vera at Wilmington airport. They are relocating in Wilmington for 12 months with Brandon’s company. They will only be 50 minutes from our home in Sunset Beach NC.

    I bet it was a great feeling to hit the 1000 mile club. Keep up the high spirits…I imagine you are sleeping well each night. You have to be tired at the end of each day. Your wife is one busy lady, she is on a roll. Enjoy! Barry

    • You’ll be doing some serious driving! Yes, Sherry has been very busy. I told her I should go away more often . . . so much gets done (she told me in short order what she thought of that strategy). Safe journeys to you.

  2. I’m really enjoying reading your blog (although I don’t remember where I found out about it!) and seeing your photos. If my experience last summer is any indication, I can say that I don’t think you’ll ever forget a cross country cycling tour. Stay safe and have fun. It’s great to be able to “ride along” on your adventure vicariously through your writings. Thanks for taking the time and energy to do this after your long days in the saddle. All best wishes to you! — Frank

  3. speaking of Sherry, I was kind of surprised she didn’t make the trek for a conjugal visit while you were in KY, as close as you’ll be to home on this trip!

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