Day 23, Utica, Kentucky

83 miles, 1,000 total miles!

Temps hovered around 100 today!

Our longest day yet . . . in blazing heat and Kentucky hills.

To prepare, we left this morning at 6 a.m. — plus we crossed into the Central Time Zone — our ride time (to include stops) was 10 1/2 hours.

Spending the night in another volunteer fire department.  So nice to have a decent shower, air conditioning, and a kitchen for preparing dinner and breakfast.

How far we’ve come from the East Coast!



2 comments on “Day 23, Utica, Kentucky

  1. Russ, I am impressed with ACA having semi-cushy “campsites” with a/c kitchens and showers. Not that I don’t mind campgrounds but they are less appealing day after day. Have you had any horrible headwinds yet? ( they do serve the purpose of cooling off the head) Imagine how HOT KY will be in 8 weeks!

    • Yes, Jim, staying in an air-conditioned volunteer fire department or church is a welcome change from campgrounds. And on layover days we’ll stay in a motel. Wonderful! Today was brutal with mile long rolling hills and temperatures hovering close to 100.

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