Day 20, Harrodsburg, Kentucky

50 miles, 812 total.

More wonderful riding.  Thankfully, the hilltains (this is a combination of “hill” and “mountain” — the word “hill” just doesn’t describe riding up, up, up in your lowest gear for miles at the time) — the hilltrains are leveling out and now the terrain is gently rolling and snaking through farm fields and small towns.

Central Kentucky

Russ “Lance” Frye

Many barns have quilt-like designs on them.

Interesting face in barn siding


Harrodsburg, Kentucky, the first town in the state, population 8,000

Another group member and I were in charge of dinner last night.  We rode a couple of miles to the Krogers store . . . and once we had purchased our groceries, found that they wouldn’t fit in our panniers.  I had to apply my charm in the parking lot to get a generous person to drive several bags to the little park where we were grilling.  People really have been uncommonly accommodating.

The best ice cream parlor . . . a former drug store (I had a chocolate milk shake and then later a strawberry sundae)

Haven’t needed this patent medicine yet

Intricate ceiling in the ice cream parlor

Off for a 45-mile day today . . . sunny and little wind!


2 comments on “Day 20, Harrodsburg, Kentucky

  1. Russ, (aka “lance”) the countryside and small towns all look great. Is everything meeting our expectations? Are you meeting local folks at your stops?

    • Hi Jim, yes everything’s meeting — and exceeding — expectations! Daily distances are just about right, reservations are all taken care of, meal rotation is working well and food is surprisingly good. Nice to have 10 of us . . . lots of personalities to mix with. Leader is laid back and only exerts his authority when necessary . . . which is almost never. All us old men are pretty independent.

      Things you might not have thought of to bring: bag for dirty clothes, clothes line and clothes pins, hammock (oh, is that a pleasure after a day’s ride) . . . and I’m glad I brought 3 sets of riding outfits. You can have all three jerseys short sleeves . . . just bring arm warmers for chilly mornings.

      A layover rest day every week to 10 days sure is a welcome thing. Good to rest up, do laundry, check out an interesting town, etc. A day every few weeks in a motel is sure nice too.

      I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip!

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