Day 18, Berea, Kentucky

50 miles, 762 total.

Tom Vanden Eynden cruisin’ on his recumbent

Ahhhhh!  A rest day tomorrow.  The group leader asked how many people wanted to spend two nights in a motel and the hands couldn’t fly up any faster!   After soaking hot showers we walked over to Cracker Barrel for a huge meal along with sundaes for dessert.  We waddled back to the motel.

Berea is known as the craft capital of Kentucky . . . for its local craftsmen and for the College where students also contribute to keeping the local crafts alive.  I don’t think we’ll see much made in China tomorrow.

Berea College, with a student population of  1,500, is unique in that students do not pay tuition.  Students must work 10-15 hour/week and must pay for room, board, and books.

Berea College

Here’s a map showing how far we’ve come in the 18 days since we left Yorktown, Virginia.

We’re almost there!

A Question:

Russ, you must see a bunch of roadkill as you’re peddling along.  Anything that has especially caught your eye?  – Dwight “Bud” McElroy, Dister, West Virginia

Actually, Bud, it’s surprising how little we see of unfortunate little critters.  We did, however, come across one that caught our attention.  There was a rhino crossing sign before we came across this guy so it shouldn’t have been a surprise.

Wait until the county road crew comes to clean up this mess!




10 comments on “Day 18, Berea, Kentucky

  1. Are rhinoceroses indigenous to Kentucky?

  2. Hey Russ,

    Trip looks to be going well. Really enjoying our posts. We had 7 riders on the first early Saturday ride of the year. Looking forward to temps in the 90’s this weekend. Have a great weekend and week to come.


  3. Will the humor continue to decrease the further along the trip?

  4. Looking good. Sharing your blog with buddies that are heading west to east on the Northern Tier in two weeks. What type of recumbent does Tom have? How many are riding on this adventure? Be safe and have fun.

    • Hi Kit,

      There are 11 of us, all men, and mostly in our 60s (expect for our 23-year-old leader). Having a great time!

      • Russ, thanks. What are you using to do your blog. Also, what type of recumbent is Tom using. Passing on your links to my buddies.

  5. Goofy. . . .

  6. Russ,

    I’m absolutely loving your posts. I am cycling down to the TransAmerica route from PA currently so probably about a month behind you or so. Thanks for the heads up about the wildlife. Do you think a frame pump is sufficient rhino protection?

    Safe travels,

    • Glad you’re enjoying our travels. Tom, I have to admit . . . it wasn’t a car that took down the rhino. He darted out from the undergrowth and chased me and I had to whack him with my pump. He dropped like a rock!

  7. Kit, looks like a RANS V-Rex to me.

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