Day 16, Hindman, Kentucky

70 miles, 649 total.   Yes, it’s Kentucky!  One state down and a whole bunch to go.  We crossed into Kentucky shortly after we got started this morning.

The Virginia/Kentucky line

Today was our TOUGHEST day yet, in terms of distance (70 miles) and hills (2 that went on for miles in our lowest gears, gasping the whole way).

Kentucky backroads

Up, up, up! Feel that burn

As we arrived at the Knott County Historical Hostel the genial host met us at the top of the driveway with iced tea (lemon slice on the side of the glass).  We all collapsed until a dinner of pizza, pop, and cold beer.  The host had clean towels for us, along with toiletries, as we showered away the grime and sweat from our muscle-aching ride (he ran a bed and breakfast for 13 years).  After dinner, he served us huge helpings of chocolate sundaes.

Sleep will come quickly tonight!



14 comments on “Day 16, Hindman, Kentucky

  1. I can’t believe you are in KY already. Your pics of the rural area are going to be planted in my head as I do those hills West to East and with 15-20º hotter days in Aug. Have you had head wind issues? I think the hills would cause most winds to fluctuate a great deal. How are the local people?

    • Hi Jim, the winds have been a zero issue because of the H I L L S. The hills are such a challenge, we really don’t notice which way the wind is coming from (when you’re grinding away in the lowest gear, going 3 mph, wind never seems to be a factor). Saturday could be fun for us . . . supposed to be in the mid 90s!

  2. I remember Kentucky from my 2010 trip – Bad hills, Bad dogs, and Bad trucks, and rain every day! Good Luck. It gets fun once you get to Kansas, but I thought Kentucky was the worst state.

    • Yes, lots of dogs, but most are behind fences or tied up. A few though came racing off of porches where the owners thought it was high entertainment to watch as we were being chased. Still, the scenery continues to be spectacular.

  3. Really enjoying the read and feeling the agony as your days are recorded here
    Thanks for running the blog. My wife and I did the Transam on Tandem in 2003 so we know your story. Good luck and have a puncture free day, everyday. We look forward to your next posting and with your help we are able to relive our experience a little – so thank you for that
    Trish and Phill Collins – Perth Western Australia .

  4. R- Hope you are getting into the touring zone – another week and you will be road fit. We are in Switzerland – the most expensive place I have ever been in my life. Even mcDonalds is expensive. Can you still hold where you have been in your mind – we struggle to remember where we were this morning. W

    • Hi Warren and Esther,

      Getting road-fit, yes, especially with these up, up, UP Virginia and Kentucky HILLS. Luckily we’re following the Adventure Cycling maps closely, so we have a record of where we’ve been and where we’re going.

  5. I’m enjoying your pictures and comments and look forward to following you all the way! I know you can do it! It sounds well planned with very genial hosts and places to stay. I was so surprised when Sheryl told me you were going east to west, no tailwindz that way!!!

    • Hi Donna, but we can start earlier in the summer and we go through the hot states earlier as well. So far it’s been the HILLS that are the challenge rather than the wind!

  6. Keeping up with you Russ. Way way too many hills! Honestly you look terrific. Enjoy the ride. Safe trails. Kidd

  7. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun Russ?( By the way) my X wife is from Hindman KY I want to stay clear of that place. A fellow biker said to me once, the hills are our friends they help us to get into shape. I never understood that.

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