Day 14, Rosedale, Virginia

32-mile day, 537 total.  Okay, you’re thinking 32 dinky miles – how will you ever get across the country at that pace?  But today’s 32 miles were almost straight UP!  The rumpled ridges that make up the Appalachian Mountains can be much more rumpled at certain places along our route.

We crossed Hayter’s Gap today, gaining 2,000 feet in less than three miles . . . which means riding the 85-pound bike/gear in the very lowest gear at between 3 and 4 miles an hour, gasping almost the whole way!  (The pleasure in this is like hitting yourself on the thumb with a hammer . . . it feels so good when you stop!)

We had fun last night in Damascus as the hikers started invading town for the Trail Days.  The pizza place where we ate had entertainment . . . pretty good too.

Johnson Sisters. “All ya’ll are real nice. We’re more used to just playing on the front porch.”

Earlier in the day, the Baptist Church hosted an eating contest.  (No hands.)

Dogs have to carry their own weight on the Appalachian Trail

Preparing lunch! Usually PB&Js and ham/cheese sandwiches. We don’t need no stinkin’ tables!

And always, spectacular views

We’re staying tonight in the Elk Garden Methodist Church.  As we rolled in this afternoon, we were greeted by women who said to come on over to the parsonage for lunch.  Turns out once a month they serve a huge meal for anyone who’d like to stop by.  We had brisket sandwiches, potato salad, sweet tea, and four different kinds of dessert.

No showers, but I took a hose bath outside . . . and then fell sound asleep in my hammock.

My turn to cook with another rider . . . we had a chicken noodle dish with fruit cups and cinnamon graham crackers with cake frosting slathered on top.  What a day!  (We had a magician again entertain us with a baffling effect.)


2 comments on “Day 14, Rosedale, Virginia

  1. Hey Russ,

    What an adventure! I’m so jealous.

    Just started reading your blog today as Bob Rex shared your website with me.
    I will begin to read it daily.

    Of cours, you’ll pick up any interesting antiques for me that you come across on your journey. What a pound or two of extra cargo between friends?

    Is there somewhere that I can find your entire route mapped out?

    Jim V.

    • Hi Jim,

      State-wise, we’ve been though Virginia, we’re in Kentucky now and we’ll be going through a little part of Illinois, then Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and finally Oregon. 4,200 miles! Yikes!

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