Day 11, Wytheville, VA

55-mile day, 449 total miles.  The day started out cloudy, but we eventually rode through patches of rain . . . and rode through a downpour as we came into Wytheville.  Beautiful countryside, winding down and up valleys with mountains on either side of us.

Found this at one store . . . and I couldn’t agree more!

Another question from a blog reader:

Russ, I’m enjoying your pictures, but they all seem to be country shots.  Don’t you go through any little towns or cities?  – Carl “Big Bob” Tinginton, Grahams Forge, TN

Big, that’s an excellent question and I don’t want to leave anyone with the impression we’re just traveling back roads.  We went though Peppers Ferry today and here’s a shot of the downtown area:

Lots of services, but lots of traffic

Tomorrow we go through Rural Retreat, Cedar Springs, Sugar Grove, Troutdale, Konnarock, on the way to Damascus, where we’ll have a rest day.  Although the population of Damascus is just 1,025, there are a number of outdoors stores, as the Appalachian Trail goes through the town.


5 comments on “Day 11, Wytheville, VA

  1. Hello Russ,
    The Hubba Bubba is a fine tent but which tent model did your discard that leaked.
    Gilbert “Inquiring Mind” Anderson

    • Hi Gilbert,
      It was an older Sierra Design tent . . . one I had little trouble with in my backpacking days. The problem was that I waterproofed the seams before I left and even tough I let the goop dry for a few days, it pulled a little the first night we camped and it must have made the seams less waterproof instead of more. I’m glad, though, as the Hubba Hubba is so easy to put up and it’s so airy. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

  2. hi russ sounds like you are having a good time. tell steve your leader he better do a good job, charlie is keeping an eye on him. if you see don and dottie on the road tell them charlie said hello. keep on keeping on,

  3. Really enjoying your photographs.

  4. Russ your blog is a hoot, very well done, entertaining, and the photos are great. I’m sure all your followers are enjoying the saga. Why no pictures of me? I know I’m not so fast that your camera can’t capture me as I ride past. Keep up the good work!!!

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