Day 10, Christiansburg, Virginia

55-mile day, 394 total.  We had rain all night (my new tent gave a stellar performance and kept me dry throughout the storm).

The MSR Hubba-Hubba two-person tent (no kidding on the name)

Fortunately, there was a shelter near where we pitched our tents and we were able to have breakfast under cover.

Today’s ride, though, was a tough one . . . tough hills and rain almost all day long.  But the more arduous the journey, the more rewarding the destination!

Rainy day in Virginia

Wet wet wet

Rain let up for a few minutes today

Spending the night in the Methodist Church.  No shower, but a laundromat nearby and we’re all taking a sink bath.

Tomorrow’s destination is Wytheville, Virginia, a 50-some mile day.  Hopefully, the rain will hold off!



8 comments on “Day 10, Christiansburg, Virginia

  1. Russ, the rural character of the roads is very appealing. I have yet to see a car in a photo. There are some I assume. Many? Nice photos from today. It seems for the most part so far you are not in public campgrounds. Is the food set up working ok?

    • Hi Jim, I usually eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast (the others eat instant oatmeal – ugh). For lunch, I’ll stop at a gas station or convenience store along the way for chocolate milk and a sandwich. Dinners have been pretty good in the campgrounds . . . one pot stews, soups, etc., plus fruit or a salad.

  2. The Hubba Bubba is a great tent. My son and a friend from Cleveland both have that model and they speak very highly of it. Too bad about the rain. Hopefully blue skies are in your future. Have fun! Us working stiffs are jealous of course even with the rain.

  3. Jim, most of the time we’re staying in campgrounds . . . so far we’ve only stayed in churches twice and once in a motel (after we got started). The churches are nice because the kitchen facilities are very nice and we don’t have to set up our tents. The roads are very lightly traveled . . . so scenic!

  4. Andy, I really like the Hubba Hubba. The basic tent is almost all mesh so with the rain cover there’s lots of ventilation. And just one pole! (It was just a bit pricey, though.) Is the club getting out to ride Saturdays?

    • My friend used to take his Hubba Bubba in the morning and literally pick up the entire tent by a pole and give it a shake to knock off the dew (or in your case rain). Club rides have been poorly attended. I’m made a few and have a terrible time with neck and shoulder pain for the past month.

      Ken sent out a request for comments on the earlier start times. Not sure what else is happening. I just made the changes to the tour form with minor changes that Ken requested (like I spelled his name wrong – Oops).

  5. Enjoying reading the daily updates. Envious of the time way from the desk.

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