Day 7, Love, VA

44-mile day, 266 total.  The HARDEST day so far!

Before heading up into the Blue Ridge Mountains we passed through some scenic roads leaving Charlottsville.

Outside Charlottsville

Gorgeous setting for a home

Stopped in a store first opened in 1886 and has been in the same family ever since. Had a delicious sausage sandwich.

Most of our 44 miles, though, were in the very lowest gear, grinding along at a walking pace.  Gravity pulled and pulled at the 85-pound bike and the hills never seemed to end.

The bonus was getting to the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains and riding along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The views were like you’re looking out from an airplane.

The group just at the beginning of the Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway

Even on the Parkway, it was very hilly


Beautiful riding

Not my picture, but gives you a sense of how beautiful the Parkway is

Our accommodations last night . . . complete with fireplace, hot tub, ping pong table . . . and a magician for after-dinner entertainment!



2 comments on “Day 7, Love, VA

  1. The question is: did this place have a shower??? A magician after dinner. . .imagine that!!! Was his name Mysto by any chance?

  2. Yes, that was his name! You’ve heard of him?

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