Layover day in Charlottesville, Virginia

Good to have a rest day, where we can do laundry, go to the bike shop for repairs and accessories, buy a tent, etc., at the outdoors store, and amble down to the downtown mall where it’s now a pedestrian mall with loads of little restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Pedestrian mall in historic Charlottesville

I forgot to answer one additional question from the many that have come in.  This one comes from Walter “Tip” Higginsworth of Brewster, MA.

1. Russ, have you lost weight on your trip?

Tip, I do think I’ve toned up just a little bit.  Although we’ve only been on the road for less than a week, I feel a little more in shape.  I want to get down under 130 lbs by the end of our journey!

A before and after couple of shots, one taken just before my trip started and the other, just yesterday


5 comments on “Layover day in Charlottesville, Virginia

  1. Russ, the tan threw me off; otherwise it is you.

  2. Russ, what kind of product are you using so as to tan your chest even while bent over a bike? I often lay out topless and would love to deepen my tan such as you have.

  3. Mr. Frye, I am not sure those pictures are appropriate. . .. : )

  4. Russ Frye. . . . . .behave yourself!

  5. It looks like you’ve been eating a lot on the trip thus far!

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