Day 5, Charlottsville, VA

50 mile day (222 total), but with some grueling granny gear hills.  Adventure Cycling, however, does choose some great roads with bucolic, pastoral scenery along the way.

But first for last night where we stayed with William Hale on his popcorn and compost farm.

Accommodations last night

The farm dog relaxing after the excitement of greeting us all

Woke up in the middle of the night to the drip, drip of water from the light rain we were having.  Even after sealing the seams of the tent before I left, surprise, it still leaked!  There were puddles on the tent floor when I woke up.  Fortunately, there’s a very good outdoors store here in Charlottsville and I was able to buy a new tent.

A shot of the inside of my soaked tent

Can you imagine the taste sensations 11 men are able to concoct?  We’re preparing breakfast in this shot.  (The man closest in this shot on the left is from Holland and the one to his right in gray is from England.)

Let’s see, shall we have oatmeal . . . or oatmeal?

Virginia scenery

Ideal riding conditions, overcast and not too hot

Entrance to the home of James Madison

Around every bend is a new scene, another reason to love the trip

Our destination tonight is Charlottsville, the home of the University of Virginia, founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson.

University of Virginia

Now, for another question from one of the blog readers.  This one comes from Wilbur Weaver of Salt Fork, MO.

1.  Russ, how are you getting along with your fellow riders?  Have you started to bond yet?

Wilbur, that’s a good question.  As you can imagine, being around each other from when we wake up to when we go to sleep — and sharing in the cooking duties — we’re getting to know each other very well.  And, yes, we’re feeling a close bond with each other.  We’re a family and these guys are like brothers to me.  We have each other’s back.  And to be honest, I’d take a bullet for anyone of these guys. [Russ takes time to compose himself.]

Well, except for Mark, he made a rather curt remark about my bike the other day . . . and Tom, since he took the last of the Raisin Bran this morning.  And Peter!  He jumped right in front of me f0r the shower.  Don’t even get me started on singing Nick!  Now that I think of it, not only wouldn’t I take a bullet for anyone of these guys, I’m not sure  I’d even wait for anyone in the morning.  Why, half these guys I can’t stand!  Why did you even bring up this question??

Okay, that’s it for now from historic and scenic Charlottsville, Virginia.


4 comments on “Day 5, Charlottsville, VA

  1. Russ, Your blog is and will be fun to read. You have a knack for keeping it short, yet entertaining and just enough history to make us look for more. You seem to be staying at people’s private homes/farms and not public campgrounds? Great scenery. Too bad we did not have a chance to try your tent out.

  2. Yes, a tent test with wet conditions would have avoided what was an uncomfortable night. But now I have a $300+ brand new tent that shouldn’t leak a mili-drop of rain! Are you getting out to ride?

  3. Russ – so you have a new tent. Good idea. Day off here – worn to a thread and need a rest. Alps ahead for us. W

  4. You should have had the fish for breakfast…didn’t you read Hunger Games 🙂 keep the updates coming, we read them daily!

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