Day 4, Mineral, VA (near Cuckoo, VA)

62-mile day today (172 miles total).  Staying on a farm, sleeping in grass that seems to have lots of ticks!

Beautiful Virginia roads

Rolling hills, winding roads

Head wind for part of the day, but not too strong

Along side the road

Home of Patrick Henry

Highlight of the day, Bumpass, Virginia

And now to answer a few questions people have emailed me.

1.  Russ, you always look so put together.  How are you able to such perfectly quaffed hair?

For some reason, after rolling around in the tent each night, my hair just stays Rod Blagojevich neat.

2.  What about women?  Here you’re a bunch of men missing the company of women.

For some reason, after a day’s ride in 80 degree days, we come into our campground with a sheen of sweat, which contains a high concentration of pheromones.  The attraction is almost immediate and, frankly, it can be a nuisance as we set up our tents, with women strolling over to ask us about our ride.  (The attraction is a little like vultures to road kill.)

Keep the questions coming!

Tomorrow we ride to Charlottesville, Virginia, the home of the University of Virginia as well as Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello.  We’ll be staying in a motel tomorrow night  . . . and it will be a layover day as well (time to wash clothes!)



2 comments on “Day 4, Mineral, VA (near Cuckoo, VA)

  1. Russ, trip looks awesome. I am amazed that you have the energy to take the time to make a daily entry into your blog. Very impressed and what a great way to share in your trip. Enjoy! Barry

  2. Barry, glad you’re following along with the trip! Staying tonight in Charlottsville, the home of the University of Virginia.

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