Real Day 2, Glendale, VA

50-mile day today.  Started out going through Williamsburg and came upon a Civil War reenactment.

One of the Confederate soldiers came over to explain what was going on, what part of the war was being represented.  Turned out he was employed by Williamsburg and was very knowledgeable about both the Revolutionary War and Civil War.  Williamsburg is a must-return-to place!

10 miles later we came to Jamestown, the first English settlement in America.  Good guided tour through the park.

Jamestown church


Beautiful ride today, about half of it on a bike trail.

Shaded Virginia countryside

Crested a hill close to our day’s destination and came upon Malvern Hill, the site of a key Civil War battle.  This was the final battle of the Seven Days Battle, where the Union forces under General McClellan turned back General Lee.  This was at the end of the Peninsula Campaign where General McClellan was attempting to defeat the Confederate forces in Richmond and end the war.

Over the seven days, a total of 36,000 Union and Confederate soldiers died . . . and at Malvern Hill in one day, 8,600 died.

Union soldiers at Malvern Hill

Cemetary near Malvern Hill

Spending the night in a church.  Had to run into “town” to buy groceries (little more than a convenience store).  But, surprise, delicious food available!

The minister cooked up spaghetti for our meal. We also had salad, bread, and ice cream for dessert.

Dinner and our nightly map meeting to go over the next day’s route

I’m sleeping in the kids’ room with religious posters on the walls.  Right out the window is another little church cemetery, all the tombstones facing my way (they’re silently spying on me . . . Johnson, McBride, Williams).  Creepy!


3 comments on “Real Day 2, Glendale, VA

  1. Russ, Great post!! Looked to be a perfect start. Thanks for the history…and the pic of food ( very important)

    Is your leader a long haired (?) guy by the map?

    • Yes, he’s the one . . . very able guy although he’s just 22 (he’s done a cross-country trip before). Food is, well, unsophisticated, but good after a day’s ride (not at all like the biscuits and gravy at Miller’s Food Factory). Hope you’re getting out to ride!

  2. Russ – As we said, you will get strong after 6 weeks and good after just 3. Trouble is that is it and the road keeps pointing at you. Good luck with the wind – you are going to love it. Warren

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