Day 3, Ashland, VA

An easy 30-mile day (too easy!).  I’m in the little library not far from where we’ll be camping for the night.

Beautiful riding today through the rolling winding scenery north of Richmond, Virginia.

County roads of Virginia

Hundreds of acres of tomato plants.

And all along our route were signs describing what had happened during the Civil War.

The loss of life during these battles in almost beyond comprehension.  At Cold Harbor (we rode along Cold Harbor Road this morning), there were 13,000 Union soldiers killed compared to 2,500 Confederate soldiers.

Cold Harbor battle – Grant vs Lee

Looking forward to another beautiful day tomorrow!


2 comments on “Day 3, Ashland, VA

  1. Hi Russ,

    I am curious about the group. Does everyone appear to be in reasonable shape and prepared for the hills etc? ( I am starting to put in more miles and days in a row. How much did all your gear weigh ( w/panniers or w/o pannier weight?) Jim

  2. The trip sounds both fun and interesting. The mileage is a little surprising unless you are spending some time looking at the sites of Virginia. Do you begin any 60 mile days in the “near future” or is this a way of getting people into peak condition before you stride it out on the trip.

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