Williamsburg 5/4

Finally arrived after a 12-hour drive (Mapquest had it at 9 1/2 hours but 10 mph traffic around DC slowed us way down).

Ye Olde Williamsburg is just a LITTLE touristy, at least the part outside of the authentic historic district.  We resisted going to the huge outlet mall on the way into town.

Pancake/waffle restaurants are like Starbucks in NYC . . . on every corner.  Ate at one this morning with 5 of the other participants.  Good group of guys.  Just have to learn everyone’s names.  Jerry . . . or was it Mark . . . well, anyway, his son is a chef for a couple in California.  When I asked if they were from politics or entertainment, he said no . . . that it would be a name I’d recognize from finance.  (Maybe Charles Schwab?  Who knows.)  One of the guys was from England, another from Holland . . .  he turned to me for help when the waitress asked if he wanted hashbrowns or grits.  And as will be indicative of our trip, with chances to eat regional food, one in our group ordered scrapple (pig parts in what looked like a sausage patty).  Waitress said it was an “acquired taste”.

Rest day today.  Group meeting today.  The leader is 22 and most of us are around my age.  Tomorrow is a short day (30 miles or so) to Yorktown to do our wheel dip in the Atlantic.  The real tour starts Sunday!


5 comments on “Williamsburg 5/4

  1. Pedal hard, I wish I was there! Mark H

  2. Have a wonderful trip and say hello to Tom! I’ll be checking your blog as the summer goes by.

    • Hi Andy, Tom gets lots of curious looks on his recumbent. Great trip so far . . . beautiful scenery and tons of Revolutionary and Civil War history. Riding not too bad so far, even fully loaded.

  3. Russ, have been following your blog. Your trip is truly amazing, very proud of you. Have a great 4th of July. Temperatures here in Sunset Beach have been really warm. Enjoy. Barry

    • Hi Barry!

      Warm here as well, but temperatures cool off quickly in the evenings. Scenery spectacular! We’ve finished 2 months and have 1 to go . . . headed on up to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone!

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