Less than a week to go!

How is all this stuff going to fit in four panniers?

And it’s not all!  (Well, there’s not much more to go.)

I’ll be going on a training ride with two of guys who I was originally going to ride with — over by Pymatuning Lake on the border between Ohio and Pennsylvania.   Looking to do 65 miles tomorrow (supposed to be in the 40s with rain) and then riding a shorter distance Sunday where we’ll ride through four covered bridges.

I’m leaving next Thursday to drive to the start of our cross-country ride, dipped our tires in the Atlantic in Yorktown, VA!


2 comments on “Less than a week to go!

  1. Good Luck! I completed this trip in 2010…and survived. I predict you will discard some of the pictured stuff, and pick up other items along the road, but just part of the fun.

    • Bill, was it from Yorktown to Lawrence? An Adventure Cycling tour, solo, or your own group? We start tomorrow, at least the shake-down ride to Yorktown and back to where we are now, in Williamsburg.
      – Russ

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